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The sounds that lube your throat, love
S c h a n d e
S c h a d e n
v e r g i ß
v e r s c h w i n d e

the sounds that make me thirsty.

I lay clothed on the bed. Just slip out the offense. What are you going to do now, eh? What are you going to make of your parents' work? Where has the educated man been, where has he gone? I've been reduced to the sweat of my groins and this is all I know and all I tell. There are a million ways to come round, a million ways to fade too. I wear my hair as scarf to hide the bruise of pleasure. My hands are nude, they've touched you and never bore a trace of shame, they've been inside and out of your blood on purpose. 
Or should I say, how much redness there can be in a cunt? 

So thin, so easy, so cheap that it trickled all the way up to my elbow and stained my sleeve. I wouldn't give your sadness back for anything, but to discover a new way of leaving, a new way of abuse. This is what an educated motherless boy jerks off to, this is what I remember from you when I'm a hill of flesh and dust, pulsating like a glorious body of ridicule, and right when I'm about to cum, I think of death, I think of you, I think of life in foreign lands and nothing comes out, and back to the start: your blood, mine, my pain over yours. My grip can hardly clasp, my grip is more of a stroke, a revolting caress, a sin, a loss, a waste. 

Your eyes are beautiful, I'd spit twice in each.

I touch myself so rough to hurt to punish to make amends
I touch myself because I can, because your god is watching
I touch myself and say, with plattdeutschem accent