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The poet you never were

"I very well know you see through metaphors.
Yes, your eyes are deforming.
You see others than the real ones.
How is it dawning?" she asks you. She's asking you, go ahead and answer.
"How should it be dawning? Like it always does."
"Describe for me, what the mornings look like for you."
You remain dumbfounded.
"Yes, yes, I will."

The poet you never were,
she constructed him for you.

Why not be at leisure?
You have time.
She is still gorgeous.

Old men walking

I'm counting Fridays on calendars
I'm seeing signs in my yellow teeth
I do my best thinking while driving but now
I have to wear glasses and they've been doing roadwork for years
It's funny how towns never lose their smells
It's funny how now I scythe and scowl about missing this house
you can learn to live without anyone, you just can't live with the re-runs.

Fill the void!

Η ρευστή αγάπη είναι μπαλαμούτι

We all need a little penetration

I kiss the girls that speak Marcuse.
I kiss the boys that speak Foucault.
I love the kids that know Adorno
and snub their nose at kids who don't.
I make love in theory and touch myself in practice.
What's good for the posture is good for the pose.
Who let the tigers out to kill all the lovers?

Θα μιλήσουμε

Κόντευε να εκραγεί ο πρησμένος της λαιμός. Γύρισε το κεφάλι της προς την άλλη μεριά.

Εκείνη τη φορά, μόνος μου στο σκαμπώ. Έπινα και δεύτερη και τρίτη γύρα. Τι δουλειά έχεις εδώ μεσοβδόμαδα; με ρώτησε. Δεν έχω πια βδομάδες, της είπα.

Με πήρε σαν πουτάνα, κάνα δυο φορές και χάθηκε.


"I eat.
My hunger is always awake. I am a starving hole. Even when I myself, sleep, it does not subside. The others avoid me. Don't eat so much! I'm not unlike the others; I just like razing myself this way.",
he said and vomited on the floor.


...a valle inferno, a kingdom of eternal tortures and insufferable pangs of conscience.


Μιάμιση βάρδια
μέχρις ν’ἁρπάξει σάν ξερόκλαδο.

Οἱ δρόμοι θά στάξουν πίσω της
καί θά σέ φθάσει.


Ἡ μέρα θ’ἀδειάσει
καί θά σέ φάει ζωντανόν.

Ἀθῶε γαμιόλη,
θά σέ κατασπαράξει.

Dernière volonté

Τελευταία ἐπιθυμία: νά εἶσθε
ὁ τελευταῖος σταθμός.

Τελευταία ἐπιθυμία: νά εἶσθε
τό τελευταῖον μου ἄγγιγμα.

Πεθαίνω σ'ἐσᾶς μ'ἀφοσίωσιν.

-Ὁ φύλαξ τοῦ νεκροτομείου

Wir haben uns überlebt

Die Kleine
sah auf Erden fein aus

nachts nur nach Schrecken
riechtete ihren Atem.

Der Herr
ziemlich abstehend

saß immer bei Dunkelheit.

Anfassender hin und wieder
ihren Hals.