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I'll make my own hours

You're burning your tongue.
The room's fire-cured;
the grease on my forehead and a myriad words, they conspire.
You sweat through the time until you see me again.
You fucking

One hour,
a year
they all count the same to me.

I'll make my own hours.

And then you smile
to show you have some sort of idea
over the innuendo.

Smothering love

Κυλούσαν δάκρυα απ'το ένα του μάτι στο σεντόνι, και αυτός ξάπλωνε ανέκφραστος στο πλάι.


The void
must flense

but it coys.


A wall
lays on,

never fail it.

A wall
lays on,
lays on
the yellow figures.

Don't we-
we scare ourselves.

Parasitic chimerism

To fall without landing
the blood you call your very own,
now shared with a parasite

the sounds you only heard
they would never be forgotten
but how different they are,
taken in from two more ears!

A coat of dignity -the skin
it crumbles viscid
and you can't refrain.

To fall without landing
it may never end

such is life

So, I'm the ugliest bird you know

I'm in love with a girl like you
oh, I'm in love with
a girl like

oh, I'm in love with
a girl like you

Wipe off your tears, it's not you
Lay here with me, it's not you