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Hastu was dagegen wenn ich rauch? Varför? Svåra dagar

The slits of your eyes are like wounds filled with glass
they see us fucking until we bleed into each other
I see us too

a pleasure to hear you gargle gå
that tongue play you do with the ah, the oh.
I'll always tell you're a foreigner
yes, you'll always do

the water from your rivers has a heavy sweetness in it
the neighbor sure did hear me moan some incomprehensible name,
was it yours? was it hers? This man is a wreck, a useless expression of something unimportant
I have no use for myself
after all this body is a heartbeat more than a corpse
why, then?

gi meg litt snus, while I think of an answer, takk
but I'll spit on the ground and the answer will still be in another place

so we fuck until we bleed into each other now
leave and leave me laying on the bed. Tomorrow you'll be
in your warm cage, and I'll be where I should
my hands are hooves. I'd never even think to catch you

Mirèio! Voudriéu estrema dins moun sang
toun alen que lou vènt me raubo!