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Anständige Beziehungen

Concrete in synovial bursae: newfound permanence
distance may vary time as well though
every question returns
nothing after the first answer.

Dieses Volk der Festigkeit; they put their hands in the resonators and their fingers drown in fecund sedimentary mud. The strings tremble and shake at their own beliefs. Heavy keys, nonchalant to touch, sign of blood in the abdomen. A lake of blood in the abdomen. The skin that maintains the wealth inside is coruscant, distended. It moves massively when pressed, it crawls when examined. Void filled with death and thick black vomit. Double the morphine, let them swing their bones deep in the pillows. If the pain insists, this therapy is cursed in its ways. The pain insists, some dared to give advice about controlling the gaping wounds of congenital defects. Blinded by complex ignorant fecund sedimentary mud. Keep them out of this hospital room. Dieses Volk der Festigkeit

sie gehen mit Beton zu Fuß
kein Wort keine Stimme sie sprechen nicht
dieses Meer aus Blut
zieht Unheil an uns.