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Medic, medic

Days are short.
The anatomies malfunction. 
Shifts never end and when they do they start over. 
Overcast means high temperatures. 
Only now it's clear. Under a family of blankets still cold.
Why a hole on the chest drains serum and spirit
for each and every simpleton that took a look I might as well add
a point of loss.
A trembling shaky surgeon who skips a breath every a couple
skin cold soft and sweaty
hairs light-colored everywhere and eyes out of focus
he wears a silver bracelet with the planets hanging from his wrist where I first saw the signs of an atrophic ulnar nerve and an indiscreet hypomanic state. Velvet over the weeping sutures and freezing encouragments against the steri-strips this wound is spitting. On the tip of my tongue the answers hovered, then they slid back in. The back of my head buzzed and bungled and fell around down and over with six legs convulsing; a wide obstacle blocked my view and I remained staring at the white light, taking a listen to the gauze as it was pinched out. Severed dignity heals with an untouchable pride and delicacy, words are uttered in velvet words are uttered in a sophisticated recognizable manner

neanderthals tend to be amused
we said we said
nothing not a word in expensive textile

if I could love you I would love without rehearsals
if I could love you I would love without rehearsals

A trembling shaky surgeon a shadow of herself old timer lady a rotten female mammalian a child with broken arm a stoic motorcyclist with his steps in negative pressure, under vacuum assisted closure and his foot he forgot to wash the floor on the wound the wound on the sheets the sheets on the bed the hands on the patients the hands on the bloated stomach the bloated magnets over the cancerous brain that restarts along with every tick of a badly measured metronome this forehead burns this forehead bleeds nothing to be afraid of the face poses with bleeding.

This snakedancer is a monsterfright
and in other languages the disoriented miniature ridicules are equally static
so once covered, coveted
before the retinas
the enthusiasm melts

if I could feel the ulnar nerve under the moving skin
if I could feel the ulnar nerve under the moving skin I would heal without rehearsals
and no remorse.