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Manche Männer haben mir die Lues angesteckt
manche lachten, manche nein

heute lauf ich herum
meine Rückenmarkschwindsucht schreit um ihr Leben

was für eine Heldentat
was für eine

mit dem Medikament
kann nun ja alles geheilt werden


we're ending up in the
the walls against themselves
they twist
the thousands contacts; they count exactly for the thousands they are
if they were kind enough they would claim time would cure every integrated sum
but no
the thousands contacts remain the thousands they are and nothing
rainy summer asphalts
closed windows and the white shirt behind the twisting walls
a lifetime dedicated a lifetime left and hoarse corrosive
smooth slippery memories created out of my phantom past
rainy summer asphalts
deep northern nights
the cold wind of September with the parks lit up in bloom
denim coverage of the designed life
we're ending up in the
and the bullshit that flies out of my mouth and hands
and ass.