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Today has been
every day has been

I don't
I don't either

where to
nowhere to

he told me 50.000 times not to exaggerate didn't he didn't.

Too bad

The bond of the second
that comes amongst an ocean
of irrelevant presence

the smell and the offense
nothing unpleasant to this
let the rest complain

it keeps flashing in my head
all escaped desires gathered


where again I find you
discover and explore like virgin land
where again I touch you
weep and smile, first faith and last


I've been the great lover
three good years now, at times better at times worse
at times more of a hater

words traveled their circles
came back over themselves


empty hands
I stepped back sipped the gin
where again I find where again
only where dead or asleep
a bitter loss


I never existed
you were for a route

too bad.


Μου λείπουνε οι νύχτες της γλύκας
και τα τραπέζια που στέκονταν στραβά
τα ποτήρια γλιστρούσαν και τα έπιανε η Ρωσίδα
πώς τη λέγανε να δεις

οι νύχτες της γλύκας
αρχίδια κι αυτές ήταν νύχτες τέτοιων ημερών
όπως όλες
οι νέες πόλεις ανοίγονται εύκολα
οι νέες πόλεις ανοίγονται εύκολα

κι έχω ξεχάσει μια χαρά κάθε άλλο
ό,τι πέρασε ξυστά και είχε γρέζια
η αρρώστεια έμεινε για πάντα

πότε θα διώξω αυτόν τον ήχο
πότε θα διώξω αυτόν τον ήχο
το αίμα με σουρώνει όταν
κυλάει έξω


καημένες γειτονιές η μια πάνω στην άλλη
σπίτια καβαλημένα και γριές κάθονται έξω
το πάρκο με τα πολύχρωμα φώτα
το σπίτι σου που έβλεπε
κι εγώ δεν ξέρω πού έβλεπε

τα κύμματα και ο προβολέας και το ποδήλατο
όλα συνοστισμένα
οι νέες πόλεις ανοίγονται εύκολα
οι νέες πόλεις ανοίγονται εύκολα

σάρκινη αηδία
ο πονοκέφαλος παρών


I look for every face known and all I've never met
are feet on this and that pavement, this and that street

I might as well ask one or two in case I've forgotten
they will turn to me stumped, mumble and step away
being feet as they are

each case is broken, each case is mine and foreign
they are laid out on tables around me and they talk

I understand nothing

they've seen brighter colors more than once
before this monochromatic prism of meat and bones

I would look over the distant chime
something warm would ooze from my ears

there would be one time for first if you lived through arrays
and as many times as you can stuff in your share if you afforded the hope

if I double the years, the clouds will be the same
closer to nothing

then I'll understand.