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A present for those who are absent

It's been a traumatic experience and a really erratic ragged up-and-down torture. See, one takes a step wrong on a muddy pavement and the next moment he's slipped to eternity. I would give him 300,000 chest compressions to bring him back to being nothing for a while again. A great miss, to never feel the stomach revolt again. An omission of major sequences to never suffer this apparent correlation of self-deceiving redundant individuals. If you ask me, this will bring the worst infection of your time right in front of your feet. Keep your hands on the table, keep your hands over the blanket. There's this pure innocence of the untouched self that cannot be but admired and adored. I deny to relate with anything but this. The liver regenerates. The liver regenerates. I'm new. I'm new.
Right after this, I have forcefully forgotten:

Screw your culture, spread your intellectual diseases
from mouth to mouth from ass to ass

I'm gladly post-treatment and glad to know you rot
glad to know you not.

:to never recall again.