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Like the moon and the stars and the sun

Per te
dovrei essere Kali
la dea
madre di mille pugnali

Even sides, they used to say faces needn't turn to change. Center the eyes and hit both sides with both hands. Faces needn't turn to split since they already are. Spreading from deserted by all radioactive concrete jails to polar glass made ports, a body keen on earning the losses. Night one, execution. Yellow fever lights jaundice paper fur on the arms of the guards. Sweat on guilt the cancerous waves strike and strike as the ill breeze of this soiled water. Kneel and bow deeper. They used to say to be held dictates to boil and resent. Arm the weapon and shoot to the sky. To be held dictates their failure. Name the invisible touch name the phantom touch while staring at one side duplicated in the mirror. Exhale to withstand this eminence in obedience. In places of expectation under thick forecasts surrounded by a million walls they'd breathe out behind my neck and my head would lose every drop of its weight. They smell of what they have they smell of what they are made of undefined worse than what they call worst (decay). Night one nation of executions. Compare to the rest compare me to every microscopic assassin trained in and out sooner or later taught well pull the fingers out of comparison. Their gutter air to the dry daffodils inside your viscera. Lay down alone and every twitch on every face being left behind bangs the silence. Handcuffed on the ground kneel and bow deeper handcuffed on you I kneel and bow I kneel and bow out of rhythm. To be held dictates their loss. This body feeds on losses this body grows with every face being left behind. Lay down with this body and every twitch on every face is devoured noiselessly somewhere near the verging skins. They used to claim ourselves for their own, arm the weapon and give it away. Even sides, a face has no even sides. Center the eyes and hit them both. Slice them back to their primate disunity. 
Discipline, discipline. 
Shove the mouth until you scream this dedication.