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A generous leather cup filled with sugar and an equally generous sip till the tongue reached the ragged bottom. Hardly-ever washed hair and forehead. They are of the twinned kind. The stomach wouldn't burn otherwise. The mechanical sound of the drill. In this place, it goes one-way, in. Ask about length? They'll tell you it's of no matter. A sound that harsh could never slip out of their daughter's fingers. Four engines fly over the city for a minute, then they move on to the next. The walls are equal and maybe warmer. A stain of lard on the paint from the face. Such presents are not uncommon. When you speak and smile, I can't trust. Disarray in every page. But I've seen things worse than that slipping out of these fingers, I've seen worse. Step on this muddy broken glass: it does remind. Heroic grasps between two acclaimed men. Like a handshake with an empty glove. Passing on the message just as passing on syph. Infected samples of wounds. To remain conserved. To abstain from the movements. Intense speech, same genes. The closer the sicker the offspring will be born. First-timers were unwashed too. Ask about what would apply an ointment of dirt on them? They'll laugh. A layer of punch and spirit so thick and solid could never be applied by hand it could only be spat out. Better than spitting themselves, right.

I served myself a nice goddamn DERBY.